Bloom Covered Symbol

IMG_4075This past weekend I had an amazing time at Yummy and Delicious in Arizona with the Fun Stampers Journey family.  It was the first stop of the 6 city tour and I was fortunate enough to attend with friends.  I wanted to really have some fun photos to share for my scrapbook layouts so I decided to dress up a wooden “&” symbol to use as a prop for my photos.  I also thought I would incorporate the “&” sign into my Yummy & Delicious ensemble. 

Since I was inspired by Richard’s monogram letter YouTube video, I decided to use that inspiration for my Yummy & Delicious ensemble.  I used my Spring Blooms die cut to decorate and layer the & sign for Richard and friends to hold at the Yummy & Delicious event.  My friend Rachael was able to attend with me and we decided to have her husband make us some Yummy & Delicious shirts.  IMG_4136My friend Rachael dressed as “Delicious”, while I was dressed as “Yummy”.  The Spring Blooms I die cut, covered the “&” sign which served as the perfect prop to take a picture with Richard at the event.  Our outfits and prop were such a hit that we even won the photo contest for the event.  I received a set of Yummy & Delicious pins which I gave to my friend Rachael for attending the event with me. I also purchased a set of pins for myself.  I have to keep my Fun Stampers Journey pin collection going. 

We made four yummy and delicious projects and learned lots of new techniques that didn’t require any special tools.  The projects presented were so much fun and I cannot wait until the full reveal of new products in our June catalog at the first annual Fun Stampers Journey convention.  

IMG_4146Below, I included a picture of 2 of the projects we made at Yummy & Delicious.  I’ll be posting more photos from my Yummy & Delicious day on my blog later this week.  You can also find more photos by searching the hashtag: #YummyAndDeliciousPHX.  To attend a Yummy & Delicious tour event, visit my website and click on events.


Materials used:

Wooden “&” sign, found at local craft stores


DI-0009 Spring Blooms

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You can also visit more of my projects on Instagram @alex_stamps

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