Easter Baskets for my Twin nephews


After watching Richard’s Easter Basket Make Live Share project video, I was inspired.  We all have busy lives and sometimes simplicity is what we need.  I have been wanting to participate by Making, Living and Sharing a project.  The instructions in the YouTube video really showed exactly how easy the basket is to make and I took the opportunity to duplicate it.  

I got started by trimming my 12 by 12 paper down to 6 by 6 squares.  I then made score lines at 2 inch marks, made my cuts and got ready to stamp.  I used the graduated background stamp for a subtle stamped look.  Since I did not have any Easter stamps yet, I used my Spring Blooms die cuts to make some Spring flowers to decorate my box.

961747_10206484212494076_667003748_nI wanted to make these baskets for my twin nephews Jeremiah and Jacob, they are 2 and half years old.  They absolutely love chocolate and candy treats and they love when I make them hand made gifts.  It makes me happy to see the smiles on their face and get a heartfelt thank you for my hand made gifts.  

After I made the beautiful baskets, I had to drop them off at my sisters as I left on my way to Arizona for the Yummy & Delicious event. I will also be posting photos on my blog from that event.

11088240_10206484205173893_2128719522_nI asked my sister to take some pictures of my nephews with their lovely baskets I made.  My sister loves taking photos of my nephews in her studio but they apparently were a little impatient and really wanted to open their candy.  Jeremiah was not happy having to wait before he could grab his basket.  Here’s an adorable picture of his mini-meltdown.  The boys just loved their baskets and searching inside them for their treats.  Looks like Jacob got to the candy and has a mouthful!   


Supplies used:

DI-0009 Spring Blooms

SS-0117 Graduated Dots

AC-0039 Journey Blooms Paper Trimmer

AC-0040 Crease Tool

AC-0063 Details Pro Shears

IP-0027 Watermelon Fusion


Stamped and cut to size

IMG_4068Shop the catalog on my site at www.FunStampersJourney.com/39

You can also visit more of my projects on Instagram @alex_stamps or on my Crafty blog at  http://www.craftyalex.wordpress.com 

Here are some pictures of my paper trimmer and scored basket along with my stamp set and true fusion ink pad.

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