5 Tips to get organized with Fun Stampers Journey storage totes and pouches

Fun Stampers Journey with Alex Gomez Coach 29
Journey Stamp Storage Black & White

Hello and Happy New Year! January is a time for changes, resolutions, and staying or even getting organized and meeting goals.  Today I wanted to show you how I keep organized and save time when creating cards and paper craft projects.  I use Fun Stampers Journey’s Journey Stamp Storage Black & White Totes along with large storage pouches, and small storage pouches.

Here are some of my top 5 tips for getting organized.

1.  Pre-cut your card bases.  One of the time saving tips that I absolutely use is having pre-cut card bases ready to go.  I store these pre-cut card bases in the large storage pouches inside the large journey stamp storage Black & White totes.  This keeps my card bases organized and safe from dust.

Card making card bases and card layers Fun Stampers Journey storage with Alex Gomez
Card making card bases and card layers with Alex Gomez

2.  Pre-cut your card layers.  Don’t disrupt your creativity by wasting time cutting your layering pieces.  Having card bases ready to layer on your cards makes card making a breeze.  Store your layers using the small storage pouches and keep them files by color in  either the large or small journey stamp storage totes.

3. Save scraps filed by color.  One way to save paper is by saving scraps. You never know when you’ll need 2 inch slivers for a project.  Keep your colors files in our large or small storage pouches for easy creating.

Card organization using Fun Stampers Journey Stamp Storage totes with Alex Gomez, Coach 29
Fun Stampers Journey Stamp Storage totes

4.  Keep cards filed by occasion
.  Having cards already made and ready to send out is ideal. When making a card, I like to create multiples of my favorites and keep them filed away in my small journey stamp storage totes.  I also use my stamp storage totes to file past card class samples.

5.  Keep projects in progress in a single tote.  When going to crops or even working at home for card class, I like to keep all the items needed for a project together.  One easy way to do this is by storing all the items needed for a card project in a storage tote.  The totes offer a easy to grasp handle so they are great for traveling to crops.

I hope these tips and photos will help you stay organized this year.  It’s a great time to stock up on these supplies because they are 20% off in the month of January 2017.  If you have any questions, please email me at fsjcoachalex@gmail.com

Organization and Storage sale with Fun Stampers Journey

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